AIA Montana
2000 Merit Awards


Awards Jury

Nate McBride, Chair

Ross Anderson

Turner Brooks

Maya Lin


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South side, sunset view of the Deppmeier House
"The Deppmeier House at 2 North"
Winner of Merit Award

Entrant:  Dennis Lynn Deppmeier, AIA 
A&E Architects, P.C.  
Billings, Montana 
Structural Consultant:  Benson Woodworking 
Photographer:  J.K. Lawrence Photography

"California Street Bridge"
Winner of Merit Award

Entrant: OZ Architects
502 West Spruce
Missoula, Montana
Structural Consultant: Carter & Burgess, Inc.
Electrical Consultant: Carter & Burgess, Inc.
Landscape Consultant: Mary Jean Gilman
Photographer: Eric Hefty

"Judith Mountain Cabin"
Winner of Merit Award

Entrant:  Jeff Shelden, AIA 
Prairie Wind Architecture, P. C.
Lewistown, Montana 
Interior Consultant:  Jeff Shelden, AIA
Structural Consultant:  Jeff Shelden, AIA
Mechanical Consultant:  Jeff Shelden, AIA Electrical Consultant: Jeff Shelden, AIA
Landscape Consultant: Jeff Shelden, AIA
Photographers:  David Duncan Livingston (interior and winter photos)
Lois Shelden, MPA (other exterior photos)

"The Big EZ Lodge"
Winner of Merit Award

Entrant:  Frank Cikan, AIA
Frank Tholt, Dave Grigsby, & Joe Schwem
Cikan Architects, P.C.  

Bozeman, MT
Interior Consultant:  Donna Stockton-Hicks
Structural Consultant:  Russ Whitten, P.E. 
Mechanical Consultant:  ACE
Electrical Consultant: ACE
Landscape Consultant: Doug Kramer
Photographer:  Marshal Safron

"Supporters of Abuse Free Enviroments Transitional Housing"
Winner of Merit Award

Entrant:  David A. Schlechten and Tim Betschart
David A. Schlechten, AIA
Hamilton, MT
Photographer:  Architect