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POSITION: Licensed Architect, Architect-in-Training

 LOCATION: Missoula, Montana

Firm Profile:

At MMW Architects, we are committed to contributing positively to the built environment, with minimal effect on the natural environment. We create places that enhance people’s lives by enriching their daily rituals and activities through beauty and efficiency. Our projects respond to the land and climate, as well as to the cultural and historic setting, enlivening and revealing the inherent attributes of the location. We take a holistic view of resource efficiency and sustainability in each project. Site planning, building design, systems design and material selection are interconnected facets of responsible resource efficient design. Architecture has the power to make a difference in the world; we always ask ourselves if our design solutions support this power as we’ll settle for no less.

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posted on: July 17, 2019


POSITION: Project Manager

 LOCATION: Helena, Montana

Firm Profile:

Of primary value to DSA is making good choices for the impacts we create on the environment. We take our responsibility in helping to establish that history very seriously. New buildings are literally set in stone. We have but one chance to achieve the full potential of any project in terms of design, function, infrastructure and presence. As a community grows, it becomes ever more important that collective ideas mold the future of the built and un-built areas. Toward this end, integrated design that meets the client and community needs is of highest priority.

Please send resume’s and examples of your work to or call 406-457-5470.

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posted on: July 17, 2019

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