Lead Architect
Erik R Nelson & Brian T. Caldwell, AIA

Project Location
Bozeman, Montanat

Architecture Firm
ThinkTank Design Group Inc.
33 N. Black Ave.
Bozeman, MT 59715

2015 Citation Award

The Lark

The Lark Bozeman brings the voice of contemporary architecture to the heart of Downtown Bozeman born out of the remains of an abandoned motor Lodge. The design team creatively designed all things big and small including the acquisition of the property, formation of the development plan, design program, planning , architectural design, and interior design for this newly branded hotel venture.


The primary design consideration started with solving inherent shortfalls in privacy/safety found in traditional motels and revisiting the importance of the motor in the motor lodge. One will see in the following images how decisions were made to layer and direct the flow of the guest in a way that creates delight and privacy, far from the stereotypical motor that once was.


The Lark shifts the focus from the car to the person. This was accomplished by a number of design solutions including the removal of the motorcar entry canopy and inserting a space for people to enjoy main street. The outside lounge and fireplace area makes a place for people to connect with the local flavor of Bozeman. Landscaping in lieu of asphalt, contrary to consultants warnings about parking and the like.


The driving idea for the interiors was a world made by hand with each piece of the design locally fabricated. As a critique of the stereotypical architecture of the west, decisions were made to use materials like leather, recycled barn wood, cowhides, furrs and other items found in “western” décor and use them in a contemporary way. The design team celebrated local artists and graphic designers by including original infographic art installations for each room.


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