Citation Award Winner

Design Team Member(s)
Ty Monks, Consulstant – Structural Engineer, Nishkian Monkslindsey Stewart, Consulstant – Interior Design, Furn Design Studio
Project Description:
Hillside Modern is a private residence located on the western front of the Bridger Range, just north of Bozeman. From its grand views of the valley to the intimate site subtleties, the project was shaped by its surrounding and connected to the landscape.

Program Requirements:
The program initially centered around capturing views of the landscape beyond. As the project evolved however, the design team identified the need to engage the landscape at multiple levels. Ultimately it was determined that the architecture also needed to respond to the site in ways which created appropriately scaled spaces within the vast open landscape.

Sustainability Goals:
The project prioritizes sustainability through various means. The building envelope is composed of continuous exterior rigid insulation and sprayed in place urethane foam, which greatly reduces unwanted air infiltration and provides high thermal resistance; the resulting effect, keeping the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A high-quality fenestration system affords the residents opportunities to open their home to the outdoors on all levels, taking advantage of both passive ventilation and the benefits of the high diurnal temperature swings to decrease reliance on mechanical systems. Solar angles were given careful consideration to provide ample daylighting and views while limiting situations of glare and unwanted solar heat gain, which has been achieved through window placement and proportional overhangs. The exposed concrete flooring throughout the house helps minimize seasonal temperature swings, retaining the solar heat in the winter months and providing a cooling effect in the summer.

Design Solutions:
While located only a few minutes from town, this site is decidedly in the mountain environment. The mostly exposed site posed questions of the design team to create a strategy for mountain living which provided exposure to the sweeping views of the surrounding landscape while also providing shelter from said exposure in the same solution. The design team used the architecture to establish a hierarchy of spaces that responded accordingly and fashion an engaged living experience. The solution started with the extant landscape and worked inward. This shaped the layout and ultimately created responsive spaces that have clear connections to the surrounding landscape, both immediate and beyond. Views to Gallatin Valley and the adjacent mountain ranges were captured with large expanses of sliding glass doors that extend the indoor spaces outside. The more intimate views of the Bridger Range were best experienced by forming a semi enclosed courtyard, using the house and mountains to define the exterior living space.

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